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Deep Tissue 



Trigger Point

About Janice

Where did you go to school? How many years have you been a therapist? Why did you choose massage therapy as your career?

I graduated from A New Beginning School of Massage in 2016.  Five years earlier I had overcome a  deep seated injury through a life-changing massage that helped me realize massage isn’t reserved for spas – it’s therapy and it HEALS.  

What brought you to AMC? And what will you bring to the team at AMC?

I met Michelle H. in 2011 through the running/cycling community and was a client of hers. I began working with AMC while in massage school and officially joined the team of therapists in 2016.  My massage modalities range from deep tissue and trigger point therapy to Swedish and relaxation. 

When you are not massaging, what do you like to do with your time? What do you do to stay healthy?  

I love cooking and baking, swimming and spending time by water, and wake surfing. Staying healthy is not just a physical endeavor and so I prioritize time to myself as well as yoga &  meditation.

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